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Three-phase dry-type transformer
Three-phase dry-type transformer
Product characteristics
Over the years, our company has used high quality materials and advanced technology to produce 56, 50G series of three-phase dry-type transformers between 160V and 600KVA. Referring to similar products of Siemens, our company has recently developed three-phase dry-type transformers for CNC system, especially those between 160VA and 16KVA. Their shape and installation dimensions have been standardized and conform to vDE05 for Siemens 4AP series of general-purpose products. 50EC439, B5555, G8226 and other international standards.
SG series three-phase dry-type transformers are widely used in all kinds of three-phase power supply occasions with AC 50-60 Hz input and output voltage not exceeding 500. The level of output voltage, the connection group, the number and position of regulating taps (generally (+5?) can be carefully designed and manufactured according to the user's requirements.

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